Affordable Cars Released in 2017

When you are planning to buy a car, the first thing you have to consider is the price. Without any doubts, everyone would like to buy a car for a lower budget, but of good quality as well. It is good to know that the most expensive cars are not the only good ones as if you dig into the bargain basket, there are quite a few models which are as good and less expensive. So, if you are about to get a new car, here’s the most affordable cars of 2017: Toyota Yaris SE Sold for less than £16,000, Read more [...]

Why You Should Visit the Original Home of Rock Candy

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” - Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky   Have you ever considered visiting the UK home of the ever-popular rock candy? What is rock candy, and why is it so popular? Do you remember buying sticks of hard candy when you were growing up, and spending hours Read more [...]

Craving Style more than Pickles: Help for Busy Mothers to Be

Have you ever wondered what is behind the strange cravings that women have when they are pregnant? We’ve all heard the stories about chocolate and pickles, and husbands and partners being asked to raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night.  There might be some truth to the tales of craving what your body needs, but some researchers say there’s more to it than we might think. It’s not uncommon for a woman to drastically change her usual diet and start to crave steak taking her completely Read more [...]

Reasons Delhiites love to party in Hauz Khas Village

Whether you live in Delhi, have been to Delhi or have not, everyone has heard about the Hauz Khas Village (more popularly known as just HKV). It has become something of a trend to hang out at the place. And if you simply don’t understand why this is the first option in all the Delhiites’ mind, you clearly don’t know much about the place. Here are some of the top reasons why people love visiting Hauz Khas Village: Moving at Your Own Pace HKV is a walking village and there are no cars allowed Read more [...]

Why might your tap water look dirty?

In most of what we breezily call “the first world”, access to water couldn’t be easier:  you wake up, shuffle to the kitchen to make coffee, hop  in the shower, brush your teeth and turn on the dishwater without a second thought. According to a recent industry estimate, the average Australian family uses over three hundred gallons (!) of water a day at home; roughly three quarter of which happens indoors.  So when you’re confronted with cola-coloured water gushing forth from your tap first Read more [...]

5 Important Kitchen Appliances Designed to Make Your Life Easier

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of any home. For most families, this is actually a great thing since they get to spend precious time together. If you are a busy mom, however, it can be a whole different story. If you are looking for kitchen items and appliances that can make your tasks a whole lot easier and quicker to finish, here are 5 of the must-have things you should invest in. 1. Smart dishwasher If you’ve spent several hours preparing meals for your visitors, the last thing Read more [...]

Best Food in NYC You Should Serve on Occasions

We all know that a nice, memorable meal is enough to mark a special day.   For most New Yorkers, eating out is a staple on any special occasion; be it an anniversary dinner or a co-worker’s birthday. If you want to spend a wonderful time with your friends and/or family, feel free to splurge a little and feast on only the best gastronomic delights New York has to offer.   We know that people’s opinions and preferences on food vary a lot, so we will be hooking you up with Read more [...]

Good, Cheap Takeout is Important: How to Find It

We all love good takeout. No one is saying you should eat it all the time, or even very often. But there are times when takeout is an absolute lifesaver - a treat for everyone eating it and a way to get fed without having to throw together a meal on your own. It’s important to know where the best local takeout is because you’ll need it sometimes. Nobody likes to be stuck with a hungry stomach and no time to make food, without good local options that will satisfy without leaving you feeling icky. Read more [...]

Kids Are Crazy For Bacon

Seriously, is there anyone that doesn't love bacon? It seems like most of the world would agree that bacon makes everything better. It's used on everything from pizzas to ice cream sundaes. As much as adults adore it, however, kids are even more obsessed with the salty delight. There may be some logical reasons for why kids love bacon. Bacon is Portable Kids lead an active lifestyle. They tend to prefer snacks and foods that can be consumed on the run. Bacon is a highly portable food, and products Read more [...]

5 Food Storage Hacks You Need to Know

You did a great grocery shop at the start of the week, and bought exactly what you needed so that you wouldn’t have to visit the shop again. A few days later, you realized that some of your food was already not at it’s best, and the only place for it to go is in the garbage. If this sounds familiar, here are five storage hacks that you need to know to avoid the dreaded mold. Royalty free photo Freeze Your Food Your freezer should be your best friend. Cooked meals can last up to 3 months Read more [...]