5 Food Storage Hacks You Need to Know

You did a great grocery shop at the start of the week, and bought exactly what you needed so that you wouldn’t have to visit the shop again. A few days later, you realized that some of your food was already not at it’s best, and the only place for it to go is in the garbage. If this sounds familiar, here are five storage hacks that you need to know to avoid the dreaded mold.


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Freeze Your Food

Your freezer should be your best friend. Cooked meals can last up to 3 months in your freezer and might even taste better the second time around. If you’ve cooked too much, don’t throw it away. Let it cool completely before transferring it into a Tupperware box and then placing in the freezer. Follow these tips for defrosting and enjoying the meal you slaved over for hours after its stint in the freezer.

Vacuum Sealers

It’s not enough to seal your food in a bag or Tupperware box, this won’t prevent air from reaching your food and doing its worst. Get yourself a vacuum sealer to protect your food and lengthen its shelf life. They work by completely removing the moisture and air from around your food, meaning that it will protect your food for up to five times longer. Follow this guide to find the best vacuum sealer on the market today.

Ingredients You Can Use to Preserve Food

If you have half an avocado left, or have treated yourself to a punnet of berries, there are many ingredients you can use when storing your fresh food and helping it last longer. A splash of vinegar solution on your berries will keep them fresher for longer, it won’t alter the flavor, it’ll just help you to avoid wasting delicious fruit. Store your avocado with a slice of lemon so that it’s ready for your next salad. Here are some other methods for preserving your fresh food.

Reviving Lettuce

Lettuce can easily become limp and a bit soggy. Don’t throw it away when your lettuce gets like this; instead place it in a bowl with some ice and in no time your lettuce will return to its crispy, deliciousness. Do this again and again to keep your lettuce edible for longer.

Bread Box

There is a fine line between edible bread and moldy bread, it can take as little as a few hours for your loaf to go off. So to keep your bread for as long as possible invest in a bread box. Avoid putting bread in the fridge as you might have been advised, as this only dries it out. Having a bread box will keep it airtight and at the perfect temperature.

Food waste is a real problem, not just here in the US, but around the world. Many of us don’t know how to store our food effectively to ensure that it lasts the longest possible time. But, by following these five hacks you’ll be on your way to minimizing your household waste.

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