5 Must-Visit Italian Restaurants in Australia

One of the things that travelers look forward to when traveling to Australia is its diverse cuisine. It is undoubtedly the perfect place to binge eat great food and drink world-class wine. This is why you should not miss out on the best restaurants in any cities you are in when you visit Australia.

It is believed that the Australian love affair with Italian cuisine has begun with pizza and pasta that were introduced by European migration in the 1950s. Since then, Italian food keeps evolving in the entire country. Hence, your trip to Australia would not be complete without dining in at some of its top Italian restaurants, which include the following:

Otto Ristorante

A popular modern Italian dining in Sydney, Otto Ristorante offers soul-satisfying dishes you must try. The head chef in this restaurant, Richard Ptacnik, uses fresh local produce when cooking delectable meals. He firmly believes that by reinventing the flavors of Italy along with the freshness of the ingredients, everyone will be able to enjoy their Otto experience. In addition, this fine dining has a wide-range of wine to pair your scrumptious dish.

Balla Restaurant

Named after Giacomo Balla, a futurist poet and painter, Balla Restaurant is one of the modern Italian restaurants in Sydney that brings contemporary twists on classic Italian food. Chef Stefano Manfredi, Australia’s leading advocate of Italian cuisine and globally recognized chef, put up Balla at The Star and brings a piece of Milan here. Definitely, you will take pleasure in its flavorful Italian food and great-tasting wine.

Grossi Florentino

Dine in at the renowned Grossi Florentino in Melbourne and immerse yourself in the city’s history. This Italian restaurant began as a wine shop in 1871 and later on became a classic eatery. Guy Grossi and his team run the restaurant and continue to serve palate-pleasing traditional Italian dishes at a modern European flair to keep all diners happy and excited while eating their meals.

Buon Ricardo

Located at Paddington, Buon Ricardo is a laidback eatery that offers classic Italian menu. Apparently, “Buon Ricardo” means “Good Memory” in Italian. Head chef Armando Percuoco makes sure that every dish is cooked with traditional and authentic Italian flavors. Moreover, this restaurant depicts the 25-year transition of Italy, from traditional to contemporary.

Cafe Di Stasio

This 25-year-old Italian restaurant in Melbourne is definitely a must try. Cafe Di Stasio takes Italian cuisine into a whole new level, which makes it stay for a long time now. Rinaldo di Stasio, the owner of this two-hatted restaurant, ensures that both food and art work together. The ambiance inside the Cafe Di Stasio absolutely matches the finest meals being served.

All in all, your dining experience in any of the top Italian restaurants mentioned above will surely be unforgettable. In case you are an Italian food lover, then you will totally enjoy eating your meals in any of these restaurants. Thus, never miss out on the opportunity to try out their food and savor every moment with your family or friends.

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