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A Corking Good Watch

Everyone knows about matching wine to food, but what about when you’re not eating? If you’re sitting down to a film and some popcorn, what’s the best wine?
The Whys
When you’re watching a film, the surroundings and atmosphere can enhance the viewing experience. There’s nothing better than watching a scary film on a dark and stormy night, with the howling wind and driving rain to emphasize the horrors on the screen.
Choosing the right wine to go with your film is just a part of setting the scene. You have the option of matching a drink featured in the film, such as Dom Perignon or vodka martini for James Bond, or ouzo with Mamma Mia! Alternatively you could go for a more sophisticated approach and try to match the atmosphere. Have a look at Molly Browns Wine List for inspiration.
The Wheres
If you’re settling down to a night of classic Italian fare with The Godfather, you should surely go for a Sicilian red. Amelie or anything with Brigitte Bardot is an obvious call for a traditional French glass, maybe a Burgundy or Cotes du Rhone. Bullitt begs for a Californian vineyard, Lost in Translation calls out for a Japanese Koshu, or a Sauvignon Blanc of Kiwi origin for The Lord of the Rings.
The Wherefores
If the location doesn’t give you a clue, look at the theme. A taut thriller such as Heat, with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino would be complemented by something cool and smoky like Pouilly Fume, while a frothy romantic comedy would sit well with a bubbly pink champagne. If you’re watching something with the kids, a fun Prosecco is reasonably appropriate. Action films demand a strong, characterful flavour, so if you’re sitting in front of any Bruce Willis classic you might require a bold red, maybe a modern Shiraz.
Jaws, Master and Commander or any seafaring classic evokes fresh, salty flavours that you might find satisfied by a sharp Muscadet. Westerns have an earthy, leathery air about them, so the rich, masculine flavour of a Gran Reserva Rioja fits the bill nicely.
More modern, complex wines with layers of flavour or interesting blends suit the weirder or more eclectic film, Bladerunner, Prometheus or Inception, perhaps.
Once you’ve matched your wine to your movie, add a tub of popcorn, a comfy sofa and a dazzling home cinema system and you’ll start to wonder why you ever bothered with cinemas!

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