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A Guide to Corporate Catering – Infographic

When you are catering a corporate event, it’s important to choose the right menu to enhance your get-together. Breaking bread with clients, co-workers, big wigs, or employees can be a time of bonding, if you plan your meal with plenty of forethought. Serving foods that are wrong for the occasion or the group of people can make your event go sour, so take time to plan for success. You’ll need to find out more about your attendees’ dietary preferences, how much time they’ll have to dine, and what they’ll be doing while they eat.

The dietary restrictions of your guests are of paramount importance to your menu planning decisions. If you serve lasagna to a party of gluten-free enthusiasts, you will have hungry guests and an awkward meal. If you barbecue a selection of meats to serve a crowd of vegetarians and vegans, there will be some rumbling bellies and grumpy guests. Make sure you find out in advance about food allergies, religious beliefs that could impact choices, and overall vibe of the group. It’s crucial to know your diners. You will serve different cuisine to a group of older executives than to a young group of creative brainstormers. The elder big wigs would probably favor classic dishes, while young, hip team members might go for spicier and more exotic fare.

It’s important to keep timeframe in mind when planning your menu, as well. If attendees will only have a short time to dine, make sure the foods you serve are easy to eat quickly or on the go. At early morning meetings, incorporate breakfast items such as egg and cheese sandwiches, blueberry muffins, and seasonal fruit, while evening parties can be lavish meals that even include alcoholic beverages, if it’s the right crowd. If serving beer, wine, and cocktails, make sure to offer plenty of hors ‘d oeuvres, so the party stays business-like. For menu ideas and lots of tips for planning the perfect corporate meal, take a look at this infographic.


Seal the Meal: A Guide to Perfect Corporate Catering Infographic

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