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Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burrito Recipe For Pregnants – A Mouthwatering Dish

When pregnant, it is necessary that you keep a sufficient amount of nutrients. Therefore, you should eat a good amount of food that is healthy for you and the baby. Some things that can be very harmful for you and the baby are alcohol, cigarettes, liver, deli meats, raw eggs, and fish that contain high levels of mercury. Although there are many things that should be avoided, there are also many things that are good for you and that are encouraged by doctors as well as any health official. There are Read more [...]
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Bolognese Sauce

The Bolognese sauce is famous all over the world. This type of sauce is sometimes known as ragú sauce, or spaghetti sauce. However, there is a huge difference between the Bolognese and the ragú sauce. First of all, the ragú sauce calls for actual chunks of meat, not ground beef like the Bolognese. Moreover, the ragú is used more for types of pasta like “penne” or “tortellini”, whereas the Bolognese is preferred on gnocchi or spaghetti, hence the name spaghetti sauce. It takes quite Read more [...]
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Recipes For A Delicious Food Storage

If you’ve recently decided to start a food storage supply, you have probably considered quite a few things such as what items to purchase, where to find them, and how to label and store them correctly. A lot goes into storing a safe food supply and it can be a fun challenge to put together. Doing this really helps you become prepared if a disaster were to strike. Of course, now the question is: Do you know how to put that food storage to good use? Many people realize (and hopefully not too late) Read more [...]

The Art Of Edible Paper

If you enjoy crafts and have shopped stores like Michaels Craft Stores, you’ve probably noticed how they’ve revamped the store layout and product selection over the past year to prominently feature paper crafts, specifically scrapbooking. But, paper art doesn’t just dominate the home craft scene; it’s making its way into our kitchens, too, in the form of edible paper or icing sheets. Icing sheets can do almost everything that regular paper can, lending a tremendous amount of versatility to Read more [...]
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Going Back To School? Keep Retro Sweets Handy To Pop In Your Mouth

If you are going back to school after summer or Christmas breaks, remember that you might need some Retro sweets and candies to be your constant companion in your study periods. They are good energy boosters and are helpful in making you concentrate on your lessons. These sweets can bring you to action and they appeal to every taste bud. When you are engaging in any school activity such as late night assignments, a licorice or a Retro candy can aid in controlling the call of sleep. You can even Read more [...]
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How To Throw An Awesome Sports Themed Party

Everyone loves a great football or basketball game, and although football is over basketball is in full swing, and if you are planning on throwing one of the best march madness or NBA playoffs parties ever, now is the time to start. Playoffs or March Madness is one of those occasions that you do not want to skimp on party plans so that you have the best party ever. Regardless of whether one of your favorite teams playing or not, gather up all your family and friends for this fun event. Plan to Read more [...]
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12 Must Have Herbs For Your Culinary Herb Garden

There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs out of your home garden.  Not only is it healthier to eat home grown foods, but it is affordable as well.  With all of the pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and preservatives that are added to the products that you buy from the store, many people are starting to grow their own organic herbs at home.  Having a fresh supply of organic herbs and spices in your own home garden is easier than you may think.  Here are the top 10 herbs that will Read more [...]
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How To Stay Slim During Festive Seasons!

National holidays happen throughout the year, and people tend to binge eat during these festive periods. To help you battle the bulge over any holiday season, I have put together six great tips which will help you stay lean and slim before, during and even after any holiday period! First of all, you should not go to events or places feeling very hungry. Before you go to a party or gathering, you should fill up your stomach first. You should take in a good portion of healthy and nutritious fiber Read more [...]
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Various Vegetarian Cooking Recipes to Please Your taste Buds

  It is a very wrong concept that vegetables cannot be used to prepare some extremely delicious dishes. Recipes, which have vegetables as their main ingredient, are not only delicious but also healthy and easy to prepare as well. There are several vegetarian recipes that can be prepared even by someone who is not a trained chef. Just select the one recipe you wish to enjoy, prepare it and relish every bit of it. Vegetable Appetizers The homemaker might not wish to spend too much Read more [...]
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9 Foods to Eat for Beautiful Skin and Hair

       Tired of trying fancy lotions, medicines, and creams in order to achieve glowing, radiant hair and skin? You might be shelling out a ton of money on all these topical solutions. Take a step back. Maybe its time to start focusing instead of what you are putting on the outside and instead focus on what you are putting inside your body! It is true, beauty on the outside starts on the inside. If you feed your body healthy food, this won’t just contribute to your svelte figure, but also Read more [...]