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Setting the Standard for a Healthy Workforce

There are very beneficial reasons why companies should encourage healthy eating amongst their employees. Studies have shown that healthy eating promotes job performance and helps to reduce care costs. These and other benefits have served as strong incentives for business owners to provide healthy snacks for work or at least encourage healthy eating options and programs. Below are a few ways that companies can look to set the standard for a healthy workforce. Education Though everyone knows Read more [...]

6 Steps to a Younger and Healthier You

Everyone wants to stay young, active, and beautiful. As we get older, our bodies and minds gradually break down and face a variety of health problems. Rather than pursue drastic surgeries, take medications, or resign yourself to a life of difficult aging, you can combat aging! There are simple ways to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine for positive, long-term results. Lessen Your Stress Stress is draining on your physical appearance and mental health. Each year, 60 to 90 percent Read more [...]
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How To Stay Slim During Festive Seasons!

National holidays happen throughout the year, and people tend to binge eat during these festive periods. To help you battle the bulge over any holiday season, I have put together six great tips which will help you stay lean and slim before, during and even after any holiday period! First of all, you should not go to events or places feeling very hungry. Before you go to a party or gathering, you should fill up your stomach first. You should take in a good portion of healthy and nutritious fiber Read more [...]
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Various Vegetarian Cooking Recipes to Please Your taste Buds

  It is a very wrong concept that vegetables cannot be used to prepare some extremely delicious dishes. Recipes, which have vegetables as their main ingredient, are not only delicious but also healthy and easy to prepare as well. There are several vegetarian recipes that can be prepared even by someone who is not a trained chef. Just select the one recipe you wish to enjoy, prepare it and relish every bit of it. Vegetable Appetizers The homemaker might not wish to spend too much Read more [...]
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9 Foods to Eat for Beautiful Skin and Hair

       Tired of trying fancy lotions, medicines, and creams in order to achieve glowing, radiant hair and skin? You might be shelling out a ton of money on all these topical solutions. Take a step back. Maybe its time to start focusing instead of what you are putting on the outside and instead focus on what you are putting inside your body! It is true, beauty on the outside starts on the inside. If you feed your body healthy food, this won’t just contribute to your svelte figure, but also Read more [...]

Dr. Oz and his research on Green Coffee

You definitely would have noticed Dr. Oz on the television promoting his latest invention; a latest dietary capsule, made from the best green coffee beans extract. These capsules have brought about a revolution in the market. Just as they name indicates they are green in colour and are made from coffee beans that are plucked when they are tender and fresh and green in colour. Also to retain its therapeutic values these beans are not roasted. Hence, they remain green in colour unlike the other coffee Read more [...]