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3 Ways to Cut the Stress Out of Your Life

How stressful is your life these days? If stress has been getting the better of you up to now, don’t you think it is time to turn things around? Not dealing with stress in your life can lead to physical and emotional problems over time. As the stress increases, your life can be turned upside down. Getting control back in your life can be a difficult thing to do. With this in mind, what are some ways for you to cut the stress out of your life? Take Control Today for a Better Life Tomorrow In Read more [...]

Thinking of Opening a Coffee Shop? All the Practical Things You Should Know

Many foodies and coffee aficionados dream of one day opening their own cafe or small restaurant. And while some take the plunge, others stay dormant in this "one day" mindset which seems to never come. A lot of this has to do with the unknown and the risk that it brings. But what if we told you some real advice about operating a coffee shop? The fun parts and the dirty bits? Maybe it will make the risk more calculated for you, prompting you to join in the ranks of a coffee shop owner. People Read more [...]

Affordable Cars Released in 2017

When you are planning to buy a car, the first thing you have to consider is the price. Without any doubts, everyone would like to buy a car for a lower budget, but of good quality as well. It is good to know that the most expensive cars are not the only good ones as if you dig into the bargain basket, there are quite a few models which are as good and less expensive. So, if you are about to get a new car, here’s the most affordable cars of 2017: Toyota Yaris SE Sold for less than £16,000, Read more [...]

Why You Should Visit the Original Home of Rock Candy

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” - Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky   Have you ever considered visiting the UK home of the ever-popular rock candy? What is rock candy, and why is it so popular? Do you remember buying sticks of hard candy when you were growing up, and spending hours Read more [...]

Using Groupon To Save Money

What started as a small side project for a small group of between 20 to 30 people has grown into one of the fastest growing companies to date. To keep it short and simple, the concept was that if a group of people wanted to buy the same thing, wouldn't the price be cheaper? After all, buying something in a large quantity usually brings the price down. With this, a company was born, Groupon, combining the words group and coupon. In an era where coupon usage has been increasing, one can say that it Read more [...]

Ordering Gourmet Wine & Food Online

If you enjoy the taste of fine wine and gourmet foods you don’t have to take time out to visit the grocery store if you have a busy schedule. There are various online stores that provide you with the opportunity to peruse through exceptional wines and mouthwatering gourmet foods. Whether you are ordering these gourmet foods and wines for a special occasion, the holidays, or as a treat for yourself you can save on your purchases with special savings from Groupon Coupons. Groupon Coupons provide Read more [...]

Holiday Season Gifts For Gourmet Foodies

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year for feasting on delicious meals with friends and family. With Christmas soon arriving it’s also the ideal time to buy your foodie friend or family member the perfect gourmet food gift! We can help you find something out of the ordinary that they’ll remember for years to come. You don’t have to break the bank when you’re shopping for the perfect gourmet food gift with coupons from Groupon Coupons! Groupon Coupons lets you save with exclusive Read more [...]
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Throw The Perfect Dinner Party This Season!

Most of us who have watched the hit Channel 4 show, ‘Come Dine with Me’ would admit that it’s the silver tongued narrator, Dave Lamb who makes the show such compelling viewing!  But we could all learn a thing or two from the show and from traditional English society when it comes to throwing the perfect dinner party.  Follow these tips and your next dinner party is sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood! Dress to Impress Now, I’m not just talking about yourself, but about your home Read more [...]
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The Art Of Cocktails: A Guide

There is no denying that everyone loves a good cocktail – whether it’s an old favourite like a Long Island Ice Tea or a sophisticated Cosmopolitan, or something new and fresh like a fruity Mojito. But if you have a celebration coming up, or just fancy having a fun night in with friends and like the idea of becoming a cocktail mixer extraordinaire, here are a few secret tips to making the perfect drinks. Cocktail Masterclass Start by doing some research into mixing or even consider taking a Read more [...]
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12 Must Have Herbs For Your Culinary Herb Garden

There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs out of your home garden.  Not only is it healthier to eat home grown foods, but it is affordable as well.  With all of the pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and preservatives that are added to the products that you buy from the store, many people are starting to grow their own organic herbs at home.  Having a fresh supply of organic herbs and spices in your own home garden is easier than you may think.  Here are the top 10 herbs that will Read more [...]