The Economics of the Craft Beer Revolution

Beer is a staple part of many households’ weekly budgets. It’s found in your typical home cupboard, served in your typical restaurant, and consumed at your typical work function (often rather excessively). But for suppliers of this staple beverage, whether they are breweries, retailers or wholesalers, the last thing they can do is treat beer as “typical”. Frequently changing market conditions mean that members of the beer industry must always be on their toes, lest they be faced with problems Read more [...]
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12 Must Have Herbs For Your Culinary Herb Garden

There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs out of your home garden.  Not only is it healthier to eat home grown foods, but it is affordable as well.  With all of the pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and preservatives that are added to the products that you buy from the store, many people are starting to grow their own organic herbs at home.  Having a fresh supply of organic herbs and spices in your own home garden is easier than you may think.  Here are the top 10 herbs that will Read more [...]
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How To Create The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Few rooms have such an impact on the overall feel and style of a home as does the kitchen.  The kitchen is often the room where people gather to eat, talk, and work.  It is often the center of the home where families and friends congregate.  As a result, if a kitchen is outdated or dysfunctional, it is often the room that homeowners have the most desire to renovate.  Fortunately, renovating a kitchen is also one of the best home renovations for adding value to a home.  Renovating a kitchen can Read more [...]