Catering Tips For A Corporate Event

There are so many reasons why you would want to organize a corporate event. You organize some in order to impress some clients and you organize others in order to reward your employees after they completed a project successfully. Milestones can also be celebrated whenever a company reaches them. No matter what the reason is in your case, you want to be sure that everything is properly handled.


Sometimes having a successful catering event organized is difficult, as with corporate catering in Manhattan since quality needs to be top notch. If you want to have a great event organized, here are some really important tips to remember.

Considering Guest Counts

You need to know exactly how many will participate in the event. Your budget is highly related to the guest number. You want to fix the budget based on headcount. It is only after you know your guest count that you can start looking for venues and booking them. Even selecting the menu is connected with this. If you cannot have an exact number, you need to at least have an appropriate number.

Will You Serve Alcohol?

Many corporate events do not have open bars. For instance, during a training seminar or a business meeting, a bar will normally not be included. However, when the corporate event is organized in order to woo a new client, open bars are highly recommended. Make sure that you take your budget into account in order to see if you can afford this.

Setting The Itinerary

During business meets you have to set a schedule for the various presentations and speakers that will have to be accommodated. Food services will revolve around the activities. Timing is really important. The caterer has to have all the time that is needed to prepare and then serve the meals efficiently. Slight changes can appear and when this happens caterers have to be aware of what is going on.

Offered Variety

It is important to be sure that different dietary options are presented so that the participants can be as happy as possible. Nowadays, there is a large number of people that is health conscious. This means that you are practically forced to offer healthy options.

Impressing The Guests

At the end of the day, this is exactly what you want. If your budget allows it, make sure that you offer different options and that you add that extra that keeps people remembering the event. For instance, how about using an ice sculpture or just offer various dessert types?

The Personal Touch

Nametags can so easily be added to the sit down dinners if you want to offer that personal touch that makes people feel appreciated. Guests need to feel that the event is about them. The nametags can even be conversation starters in many situations.

Proper Planning

Allow yourself enough time to plan. Corporate events are not at all easy to organize so you want to be sure that you are going to have enough time to prepare for everything that is going to happen.

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