Craving Style more than Pickles: Help for Busy Mothers to Be

Have you ever wondered what is behind the strange cravings that women have when they are pregnant? We’ve all heard the stories about chocolate and pickles, and husbands and partners being asked to raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night.  There might be some truth to the tales of craving what your body needs, but some researchers say there’s more to it than we might think.

It’s not uncommon for a woman to drastically change her usual diet and start to crave steak taking her completely off the vegetarian diet she’s been so proud of for years, or for a devout carnivore to barf at the sight of beef.  Experts say the hormonal changes women experience during pregnancy make the difference in what they eat, when they eat it and why.

Cravings may vary, but one things for sure, as her pregnancy advances, her waistline will expand no matter what she eats.  To accommodate the growing bundle of joy within, a special wardrobe is needed to dress the added weight and changing proportions.  Cravings can effect the weight pregnant women gain during pregnancy, and they want to look their best.  It helps to boost the self-confidence of a new mom to have the opportunity to shop for stylish maternity wear, and for that she can turn to LOFT.

Better yet, she should shop Groupon for great deals on the latest styles LOFT has to offer so she can take advantage of the awesome savings they offer on clothing and accessories.  Baby Moon shopping for a little black dress?  LOFT has adorable dresses in a variety of styles to flatter your figure.  And they take special pains to tailor their pants and tops to fit for extra comfort by moving seams lower, and bringing the back of pants like their skinny chinos (yes, they have them!) up higher for extra coverage and comfort.

Most common cravings during pregnancy are milk, milk products, chocolate and salty snacks.  As the pregnancy progresses, the craving for pickles or sour tasting food develops.  Hence the jokes about pickles.  Some experts attribute the desire for salt to the increased volume of blood she produces as the baby grows, so to add sodium to the extra calories she takes in.  Just as her taste for food changes, so will her need for comfortable clothes.  So take advantage of the 40% off pants and give Mom some as a gift at the baby shower.   It might not stop late night pickle jar raids, but it will satisfy her craving for style.


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