Dr. Oz and his research on Green Coffee

green-coffee-beansYou definitely would have noticed Dr. Oz on the television promoting his latest invention; a latest dietary capsule, made from the best green coffee beans extract. These capsules have brought about a revolution in the market. Just as they name indicates they are green in colour and are made from coffee beans that are plucked when they are tender and fresh and green in colour. Also to retain its therapeutic values these beans are not roasted. Hence, they remain green in colour unlike the other coffee beans that are roasted till they turn brown and then used to brew coffee. The fresh green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid in its natural form. This compound upon roasting gets destroyed.

In the year 2012 April, Dr. Oz invited Dr. Lindsey Duncan; a neuropathic and certified nutritionist. Together these two health practitioners promoted Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) to be a very effective, safe and excellent means to lose weight. However, their only condition was that only the most purest GCBE was to be used without any additives to it. Infact, they recommended that the capsule that contained the medicine also had to be made of vegetables. During the research, the most vital trials using GCBE were done by the renowned Dr. Joe Vinson, Bryan Burnham and Mysore Nagendran.

This team conducted a trial on 16 obese people by giving them GCBE each day. Every person was given a calculated diet of 2400 calories per day, even though it was above the recommended average diet. Also, none of them were asked to do any exercise and yet they lost weight. Upon calculation, they realised that in 12 weeks tenure, 17 pounds turned out to be the average weight loss, which meant a 10.5% reduction in body weight and 0.16% decrease in body fat. Finally, all the doctors and the research team were convinced that if pure green coffee bean extract was consumed each day along with a balanced diet and proper exercise, people would definitely lose weight. Infact GCBE would be the most effective, cheap and harmless method to lose weight.

During further research, some people were given higher doses while the others were given lower doses. This study was mainly carried out to determine the exact dosage for a person looking to lose weight. Based on the derived results, they concluded that 800 milligrams if GCBE per day was enough for a person to lose weight and even suggested that for optimum results this dosage be split into to two of 400 milligrams each and be taken twice a day, firstly 30 mins before breakfast and 30 mins before dinner. Though it was not compulsory for the consumers to follow timings and doses, they had to take it regularly for optimum results. The capsule shouldn’t be consumed with food and should be taken half an hour prior to meal with a big glass of water. Even during the day, it was recommended that they consume excess water so that it would aid the body in flushing out the fat from the body. This capsule could be taken along with other vitamin tablets but if the consumer were on a specific medication, they had to consult their physician before they consumed this capsule.

This capsule reduced weight by increasing the metabolism, decreasing sugar levels in body and enhancing burning of fat in the body. Thus, by consuming this capsule one could not only get rid of excessive fat but also avoid other diseases like diabetes, tumour and heart disorders. In the end, GCBE proved to be the most effective method to treat the biggest health problem existing today; Obesity.

Author is a dietician in one of the most reputable hospitals and also a freelance writer who writes health and medical related articles.

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