Frozen Food Storage Tips

Food waste is a big budget buster in many homes and businesses today. Meat, produce, grains and dairy products can all be frozen to reduce this waste. Many times, too much food is purchased and forgotten. Proper planning can save money and stretch menus while protecting our planet from more unnecessary waste. A commercial freezer is a great way to store food and reduce waste.

Serving fresh, 
healthy food is the goal of most food establishments. This can be accomplished by taking a look at what menu items are popular and planning perishable item purchases accordingly. Buying frozen food or preparing and then freezing items is an excellent way to prevent waste. Proper labeling is necessary and helpful to ensure correct rotation of items in your freezer. Choosing the correct size and type of freezer will make this process a breeze. A slide top freezer makes extracting exactly what you need easy and quick.

Concession Stands/Fund Raising
Investing in a large freezer could turn out to be a very good investment for booster clubs or other organizations trying to raise funds. These freezers are large and efficient enough to preserve a variety of concession items as well as keep ice and other necessities cold. A glass top model makes it easy to identify and choose specific items in less time.

Small Business
Adding a slide top freezer full of frozen treats is a great way to tempt consumers and boost last minute sales. A professional looking freezer placed strategically that presents these items in your store will make these impulse buys irresistible. A freezer that locks provides loss prevention and makes closing time a breeze.

Home Use
Some homes take their food storage very seriously. Shopping is done strategically based on the season and store sales. Many times, items like meat are cheaper when bought is bulk (like a side of beef). Proper storage can become a problem unless a sufficient freezer is available. The investment in a home compatible model should more than may for itself in money saved by freezing goods.

Food storage solutions do not have to be complicated. A commercial freezer does not have to be an ugly hulk of a thing that food goes to be forgotten. Choosing a model that best suits your needs is important- whether it is restaurant, private sales, small business or even personal use. Freezing foods and keeping them frozen efficiently and safely is the goal of quality freezers.

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