Good, Cheap Takeout is Important: How to Find It

We all love good takeout. No one is saying you should eat it all the time, or even very often. But there are times when takeout is an absolute lifesaver – a treat for everyone eating it and a way to get fed without having to throw together a meal on your own. It’s important to know where the best local takeout is because you’ll need it sometimes. Nobody likes to be stuck with a hungry stomach and no time to make food, without good local options that will satisfy without leaving you feeling icky. Here are some ways to find the best takeout.

  1. Know What You’re Looking For (Food Type). If you start searching for generic “takeout”, you’ll be greeted with dozens or even hundreds of takeout options in your zip code. It’s much better to pick out several categories of food that you know you’ll enjoy for years to come: Indian, Chinese, Pizza, whatever you like. Start looking for what’s close and what offers the best deals. Pay attention to reviews, and ask around. Your friends will have an easier time remembering what they love to eat if you ask about specific food items. You don’t have the time or money to try each place, so pick out some good contenders for each food genre, and take the plunge. If you find a place that’s awesome, let that be your go-to for those times when nothing else will scratch the itch.

  1. Know What a Quality Restaurant Looks Like. Takeout is affordable and fast, but that doesn’t mean that the restaurant has to be a dump. Great takeout manages to provide affordable food without resorting to bottom-of-the-barrel quality. You can tell this by stepping inside. Is it clean? Is there an iPad POS instead of one of those old clunky black box systems? Trust your gut. If the place seems like a well-run establishment, with people involved who don’t seem apathetic, it’s likely a takeout joint to bring into your life.

  1. Listen to the People. If you start hearing about a place that’s awesome, especially when you hear about it from more than one person, you’ve got to try it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite kind of food or not. Very often, food that is made with something resembling passion will end up being a lot more satisfying than your favorite flavor of pizza that was made with no interest at all. Also keep your ears peeled for deals. There are lots of digital restaurant deal programs that can have you eating for less.

Sometimes you just need some takeout. But when those times come it can be difficult to pick the right place. In your hungry state, you may not have the wherewithal to find something you love, and you may settle for something that’s not good at all. By preparing in advance, you’ll be able to find food that works for you, when nothing but takeout will work for you and the hungry people you are feeding.

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