Is online grocery shopping the smartest choice?

In these busy times it’s so easy to buy everything online. But is this the right choice when it comes to purchasing food? From fresh produce to non perishables, online stores can change the way we do our grocery shopping, but is this the smartest alternative to visiting your local store?

Quality and freshness
One of the biggest challenges faced by online food shoppers is that they cannot physically view the product before purchase. In terms of fresh produce this becomes especially prevalent as you cannot tell if bananas are ripe or if the meat has the correct cut. The onus here is on the supplier to ensure that they provide the highest quality food that is as close to the online description as possible. Quantity, weight, size and nutritional information or ingredients should always be listed online and this information will serve to inform you in as much detail as possible what you can expect when you receive your delivery.

Regardless of how you order or purchase your food it should always be as fresh as possible and of the highest quality. Online stores run the risk of losing repeat customers if they do not supply fresh produce, whereas an in store customer would be more likely to return again to see if there has been an improvement.

Selection and availability
Food purchased from an online store is generally distributed from a central warehouse that can be far larger than a single store. This allows the selection to be far greater and in many cases more exotic. The availability is also almost guaranteed as stocks can be replenished and stored without space concerns. Purchasing wholesale food items online is also easier as they are delivered in bulk and there is no need to load up your trolley and then transport items you have stockpiled.

Online grocery shopping also allows you to enjoy a wider selection of goods as you are not restricted to shopping at one store. Specialist stores offer everything from imported chocolates to wine and cheese and the selection available online is almost unlimited. Both fresh produce and non perishable specialist items are available at the click of a mouse and availability and delivery times should be clearly stipulated upfront.

Online shopping and supermarkets
In future, online food shopping could replace the majority of stores and supermarkets and the overheads of an online store are less, meaning they can offer more competitive prices. Time saving and convenient, online shopping allows consumers to choose their preferred shopping and delivery times for maximum efficiency. This eliminates the need to visit a store and carry heavy bags home and also allows consumers to buy in bulk.

It seems that online grocery shopping offers major advantages and consumers can save valuable time and money if they purchase groceries online. Technology has assisted us in improving our lives in so many ways and online grocery shopping is just another example of how a simple solution can be a smart one.


Jenny writes regularly for online food and catering publications. An advocate of healthy and nutritious cost saving wholesale food, Jenny spearheads a local feeding program for the homeless and is an authority on budgeting for a large family on a small income.

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