Kids Are Crazy For Bacon

Seriously, is there anyone that doesn’t love bacon? It seems like most of the world would agree that bacon makes everything better. It’s used on everything from pizzas to ice cream sundaes. As much as adults adore it, however, kids are even more obsessed with the salty delight. There may be some logical reasons for why kids love bacon.

Bacon is Portable

Kids lead an active lifestyle. They tend to prefer snacks and foods that can be consumed on the run. Bacon is a highly portable food, and products like Go Bacon Jerky make it even easier to carry around. Kids can grab a handful of slices on the way out the door to catch the school bus, eat it while they are playing video games or watching television, and even munch on bacon-flavored snacks while they are shooting hoops with their friends.

Bacon is Easy to Cook

Gone are the days when the only way to get a serving of bacon was to fry it up in a skillet with bacon grease popping all around. This is the digital age. Bacon can be easily and safely prepared in the microwave with a minimum of mess. Using a microwave can even reduce the amount of grease left behind after cooking. Also, Go Bacon Jerky as mentioned above delivers the great taste of bacon in a manner that doesn’t require cooking at all. Imagine that.

Bacon is Tasty

This one is sort of a no-brainer, but there may be more to the taste of bacon where kids are concerned. The taste buds of children are continually developing throughout adolescence, perhaps making them more sensitive to the four standard tastes: salty, bitter, sweet, and sour. Bacon, of course, would fall in the first category. It is notable, however, that science has linked taste to other factors such as aroma. The sense of smell reaches a peak during childhood, and bacon produces a pleasant aroma that may enhance the taste for children.

Bacon is Just Good

Bacon is one of those foods that everyone seems to like, so the fact that kids love it may simply be a natural response to the fact that many children are given more leeway today about their food choices than they were in times past. The modern family is just as apt to serve a meal that includes everyone’s favorites as they are a traditional meal where everyone eats the same thing.

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