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Many Ways To Enjoy Gourmet Coffee

If you are tired of your regular cup of Joe, then it is time to give yourself an entirely different cup of coffee. You can try out a new brand of coffee or even another type of coffee such as a gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffees are ones that are made of the finest quality of beans that undergo careful preparations to ensure its highest quality.

Making Gourmet Coffee At Home

We usually go to a five-star hotel or a restaurant to experience excellent services and products; however, you can easily make your own gourmet coffee in the very comforts of your own home. Gourmet food or meals are usually prepared by Michelin chefs, which are hard to replicate on your own with gourmet coffees. However, they are already packed so all you need to do is to follow the instructions and viola; you have your own version of a café latte.

With that said, gourmet coffees tend to be more expensive than instant coffees. However, you would appreciate the rich texture and flavour of the gourmet coffee. If money is an issue, you can always make it a weekly thing so you can schedule it for the weekend and stick to the regular ones for the week. You would surely appreciate it more and you can savour it better.

To start enjoying your own gourmet coffee, the first thing that you ought to do is to buy yourself some gourmet coffee beans. It is important to choose the best variety as this would make or break your coffee experience. Some of the best varieties in town include Sumatra, Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans.

If you are a newbie, you can use the name of the coffee beans as your guide of where the beans came from. Coffee beans are named usually after the place they are harvested from which is similar to how people name wines. You would find yourself familiar to the Sonoma wine, which is a popular type of wine that comes from the Sonoma Valley in California.

With regards to the gourmet coffee, the one that comes from Kona, Hawaii or the Kona coffee beans are popular.  You might encounter a Kona labelled gourmet coffee even though there are only 10% of the actual beans in it.

After buying the coffee beans, the next thing to do is to grind your beans. It is best to buy only a small quantity of the coffee beans, as once exposed, the coffee beans would gradually lose its flavour. Grind only a small quantity of coffee beans so that you can enjoy the rich flavour of the beans. Place the ground beans inside a sealed container to ensure that the flavour is retained.

Remember to grind the beans finely to ensure that you get the best taste; however, it is important that you do not grind it into powder form. The overgrinding would result to heat, which would evaporate the flavours of the coffee beans.

Regular maintenance of the coffee maker is also important as it makes a difference to how your coffee tastes. To ensure that your coffee maker is clean of any leftovers, pour vinegar with water of equal quantity and run your coffeemaker. This would clean the insides of your coffeemaker. Cleanse the coffeemaker with water until the smell of the vinegar is gone.

To enjoy your coffee experience better, remember to change the coffee pods or filters so that you would not experience any stale taste. Also, bear in mind to follow the instructions included with your coffeemaker to prevent ruining your coffee.

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