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Pizza Toppings That Are Waiting To Become Your Favourite

Have you been recently introduced to the wonderful world of pizzas? If so, we would like to congratulate you for discovering a world of tasty food that is no slouch when it comes to providing you with great health benefits too. Even if you have only had a couple of pizzas since you were initialized to pizza as a food option, you will know that two things make any pizza. The crust is the base of every pizza, and on top of that are the toppings. In most cases, you will find that there are hardly any choices when it comes to crust.

This is not a deal breaker as much as it is a norm with pizzas. What makes things great though is the variety of toppings that are available at every pizza outlet. No matter what pizza outlet you choose to hang out to get your weekly dose of pizza, you will find that they will at least have, half a dozen options to choose from. If you explore and take a seat at some of the best pizza outlets in town, you will be presented with a menu full of toppings.

When you are new to pizzas, you are invited to try out as many toppings as possible so you can get the full blast of what the world of pizzas has to offer. At the same time, we would express a minor amount of caution. You don’t want to make a poor decision with a bad pizza topping that might drive you away from pizzas altogether. At the outset, it is best that you limit yourself to some of the most popular toppings. Later, you can always get more experimental.


Of all the toppings that came from Italy, the place of origin for pizzas, the crown of toppings is held and retained by Pepperoni. By several independent estimates a quarter of all pizzas that are sold in the world have this as the topping. When you consider that there are more than thirty to forty different type of toppings available for pizza lovers to choose from, this is quite an achievement.

If you were to opt for a pizza, we would strongly recommend that you start with pizzas that are decorated with Pepperoni. You will love the taste and there is a good chance that your chosen food outlet has several variations of this topping. The most common variations that you might across is the different levels of spiciness that is achieved by adjusting the amount of pepper that is added to the mix. Another way in which variation is introduced to this popular topping is by choosing different types of meat.

The popularity of Pepperoni ensures that pizza outlets have a lot more room to experiment with it, as there is a good chance people will like it. Going by the same logic, we think you will like it too.


If you would rather choose a topping that is vegetable based, then our money is on toppings that are derived from mushrooms. Among all toppings, mushrooms trail only Pepperoni and among vegetarian toppings, mushroom is the number one choice amongst pizza consumers.

With Pepperoni, pizza makers introduce varying levels of spiciness and taste. The same effect is achieved with mushrooms. What makes mushrooms extra special is that there are so many different types of mushrooms that are available. Each mushroom type has a different taste as well as size going for it. Combine this with factors like pepper and other spices, you can find some pizza outlets offering a serious amount of toppings within mushrooms.

Mushrooms are vegetables and they have some seriously amazing health benefits. With these vegetables in the play, you get your share of fast food and also interesting contributions to your overall health.

Tomato and Onion

While mushrooms and pepperoni can battle it out amongst each other as to which is the most popular topping, the tomato is one of those ubiquitous pizza ingredients that is found in almost every pizza. In most cases you will find that tomato is added in addition to pepperoni and mushroom. The same can be said about onion. No pizza is complete without the sigh of onion and tomato pieces along with the topping of your choice.

Both of these ingredients are what makes pizza a serious contender to become part of your everyday diet. They make the whole dish healthier and are a great way to get kids to eat some vegetables.

The author is no chef so finds the choice of healthy toppings on his favourite food – pizza, very useful indeed. His favourite pizza outlet is the LaFavorita, which allows him to order pizza online.

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