Plenty Of Food For Thought On An American Menu

There are hundreds of great reasons to travel to a foreign country when you go on holiday, ranging from a chance to soak up some culture to a simple desire to enjoy a relaxing time under a hot sun. Wherever you happen to be travelling to, one pleasing aspect for most tourists is the range of exotic foods that are likely to be available. Whether you’re spending a month in Mauritius or a weekend in Wales, you should always make the effort to try some of the local cuisine.

Many Europeans who visit the United States for the first time find themselves rather surprised at the huge range of restaurants that are on offer. And the good news is that the USA isn’t all about the usual selection of burger bars and pizza parlours; whichever part of this wonderful country you happen to be visiting, the chances are you will be faced with difficult decisions when you think about where you want to eat on any given evening, especially in the larger cities.

One of the nicest eating experiences to be had in the US is in the mornings. In many traditional American diners, the breakfasts that are on offer are large and hearty, and will set you up perfectly for the day ahead. In fact, with such large portions – something you will need to get used to in America – you may want to indulge yourself at this time and perhaps skip lunch instead. That way, you will be pleasantly hungry again when the evening comes around and your mind starts to think about where to have dinner.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

With so much of a selection on the breakfast menu, you might have trouble making a choice. One thing is for sure, though: if you like eggs in the morning, you’ll fall in love with American diners. However you like them cooked, you’ll find them fresh and delicious, especially when they’re served up with home-cooked bacon and washed down with fresh orange juice and a hot cup of coffee. Another US speciality, fluffy pancakes, are also a popular option when choosing from the breakfast menu.

In the evenings, you’ll be tempted by a number of eateries. One thing you might want to consider is avoiding the ubiquitous burger, fried chicken and pizza joints, however, because the chances are you’ll already have places like these in your own home town. If you’re on vacation, you may choose to try something a little less universal. One popular choice in the US for an evening meal is a traditional steak. Meat is plentiful and affordable in America, so you can be sure of finding a delicious meal that won’t cost a small fortune.

David Showell works for carrrentals and lives in the UK.

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