Reasons Delhiites love to party in Hauz Khas Village

Whether you live in Delhi, have been to Delhi or have not, everyone has heard about the Hauz Khas Village (more popularly known as just HKV). It has become something of a trend to hang out at the place. And if you simply don’t understand why this is the first option in all the Delhiites’ mind, you clearly don’t know much about the place. Here are some of the top reasons why people love visiting Hauz Khas Village:

Moving at Your Own Pace


HKV is a walking village and there are no cars allowed inside. If you live in Delhi, you know the boon that a car-free road is. You can saunter on the streets or run across (if you run in high heels) to reach your favorite place without any cars honking at you to get out of the way.



If you are someone who loves rooftop restaurants, bars, or even pubs, Hauz Khas Village will be like heaven for you. The place is chockfull of rooftop establishments, and you can pick and choose according to what you want.

The Food


From Himalayan and café food to European and seafood, there is so much to try out there in Hauz Khas; so much so that you will be spoiled for choice. It is just your will power that stands between you and over-eating at the many restaurants all over the Village.

The Sights


You can take a leisurely stroll besides the lake which is a perfect antithesis for the many cafes, pubs and eateries within the village. The ruins and the tombs within the Hauz Khas fort are rustic and mesmeric, and quite the sight for those who appreciate architecture from the bygone ages.

Something for Everyone


What do you want? Regardless of if you want EDM or if you want some slow music on a roof, or if you want a disco to try out your dance moves, or if you want a decent dinner date or to sing karaoke; Hauz Khas Village is full of all kinds of establishments where there is something for everyone.

Everything at One Place


Hauz Khas Village is spread out in a small area, which means that there is no travelling involved for you to reach wherever you want to head next. All the restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc. are at a walking distance.

The Ladies’ Nights


One of the most important things of note for all the girls out there is that every day in Hauz Khas Village, some place or the other is holding a ladies’ night. All you need is to step inside the Village and there will be at least half a dozen of people telling you about all the ladies’ nights happening that day.


If you are new to the whole Hauz Khas Village scene, here is a list of some of the best places to head to, when you visit:

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