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Fried Chicken Breast With Mushroom Topping And Melted Cheese

Fried chicken might very well be the most popular dish after pizza. There are so many variations that are sure to satisfy every taste bud in the world. You can find spicy or mild fried chicken, pan fried, deep fried, pressure fried chicken. Plus, it seems that any part of the chicken can be fried really, so you can choose among legs, thighs, breasts and much more. Moreover, there are so many different types of sauce you can deep your fried chicken into, from mustard to mayo and ketchup. All in all, Read more [...]
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Recipes For A Delicious Food Storage

If you’ve recently decided to start a food storage supply, you have probably considered quite a few things such as what items to purchase, where to find them, and how to label and store them correctly. A lot goes into storing a safe food supply and it can be a fun challenge to put together. Doing this really helps you become prepared if a disaster were to strike. Of course, now the question is: Do you know how to put that food storage to good use? Many people realize (and hopefully not too late) Read more [...]