Why might your tap water look dirty?

In most of what we breezily call “the first world”, access to water couldn’t be easier:  you wake up, shuffle to the kitchen to make coffee, hop  in the shower, brush your teeth and turn on the dishwater without a second thought. According to a recent industry estimate, the average Australian family uses over three hundred gallons (!) of water a day at home; roughly three quarter of which happens indoors.  So when you’re confronted with cola-coloured water gushing forth from your tap first Read more [...]

5 Important Kitchen Appliances Designed to Make Your Life Easier

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of any home. For most families, this is actually a great thing since they get to spend precious time together. If you are a busy mom, however, it can be a whole different story. If you are looking for kitchen items and appliances that can make your tasks a whole lot easier and quicker to finish, here are 5 of the must-have things you should invest in. 1. Smart dishwasher If you’ve spent several hours preparing meals for your visitors, the last thing Read more [...]
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How To Create The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Few rooms have such an impact on the overall feel and style of a home as does the kitchen.  The kitchen is often the room where people gather to eat, talk, and work.  It is often the center of the home where families and friends congregate.  As a result, if a kitchen is outdated or dysfunctional, it is often the room that homeowners have the most desire to renovate.  Fortunately, renovating a kitchen is also one of the best home renovations for adding value to a home.  Renovating a kitchen can Read more [...]