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Fried Chicken Breast With Mushroom Topping And Melted Cheese

Fried chicken might very well be the most popular dish after pizza. There are so many variations that are sure to satisfy every taste bud in the world. You can find spicy or mild fried chicken, pan fried, deep fried, pressure fried chicken. Plus, it seems that any part of the chicken can be fried really, so you can choose among legs, thighs, breasts and much more. Moreover, there are so many different types of sauce you can deep your fried chicken into, from mustard to mayo and ketchup. All in all, Read more [...]
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Going Back To School? Keep Retro Sweets Handy To Pop In Your Mouth

If you are going back to school after summer or Christmas breaks, remember that you might need some Retro sweets and candies to be your constant companion in your study periods. They are good energy boosters and are helpful in making you concentrate on your lessons. These sweets can bring you to action and they appeal to every taste bud. When you are engaging in any school activity such as late night assignments, a licorice or a Retro candy can aid in controlling the call of sleep. You can even Read more [...]