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The Art Of Cocktails: A Guide

There is no denying that everyone loves a good cocktail – whether it’s an old favourite like a Long Island Ice Tea or a sophisticated Cosmopolitan, or something new and fresh like a fruity Mojito. But if you have a celebration coming up, or just fancy having a fun night in with friends and like the idea of becoming a cocktail mixer extraordinaire, here are a few secret tips to making the perfect drinks.

Cocktail Masterclass

Start by doing some research into mixing or even consider taking a cocktail masterclass to learn from the experts. Cocktail mixing can be a tricky activity if you don’t know what you’re doing. Next, find your favourite cocktail recipes in advance so you have plenty of time to gather all the right equipment and ingredients, as well as having a sneaky practice too! Follow the recipes as closely as possible to get the best results. Making it up as you go along will usually just mean you’re left with a lot of cocktails that nobody really wants to drink.

No Fancy Equipment

Next, think about the equipment you might need. Thankfully, making great cocktails doesn’t mean buying lots of fancy equipment; in fact all you will really need is a good shaker and ideally something to stir with. If you have learnt about muddling in your cocktail masterclass and fancy giving it a go you will need a tool to crush your ingredients with, although a cooking pestle and mortar will do the job nicely. What will be really useful is an official measure, preferably with a variety of measurements on it so you do not have to guess your amounts of alcohol. Estimating can be fun, but not using the specified amount of a certain ingredient can change the taste of your whole drink.

Good Quality Spirits

Don’t feel you need to spend out on a fancy ice crushing machine as ice cubes wrapped in a towel and crushed with a hammer or a rolling pin works just as well. However, one area where it does pay to hand over the cash is your ingredients; try to always use the best quality spirits you can afford.

And don’t forget to add some secret little extra ideas to your cocktails like chilling your glasses in advance, adding some sherbet to give extra fizz when needed or freezing pieces of fruit into your ice cubes as a funky garnish.

Written by Harry Dent, expert cocktail maker from Revolution Bars. Harry has been training in the art of cacktail making for over 2 years and loves to encourage others to have a go themselves at making cocktails and trying something new.

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